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An Easy Way to Get Your Video And Social Media Content :Your Next Seminar, Workshop or Networking Event

easy way to get your video and social media content

We already know video is king. And the amount of video content you need to stay relevant on social media and market your services is not going to decrease. Make it easier for yourself and film your next speaking engagement, workshop or seminar. The content that can be produced from all of this info can do many things for you on the backend. My team and I specialize in, not only capturing this content, but repurposing it for any and all platforms. Here are 10 things that make this a easy way to get all of your video and social media content.

1. Don’t Keep the Content a Secret

There may be 50 people attending your event in person, but what about the people who couldn’t attend? What about the people who don’t yet know about you or your event. This is definitely a good reason to make video a priority for your next event. But don’t stop there. Our professionals here at Prime Time Media can help you livestream the event. Either way, you can take this content and repurpose it.

2. More Content Means More Authority

Let me clarify and specify that the content needs to be good. And good content just needs to be informative and presented to the right audience. And here’s the thing; you already know who your audience is because they’re in attendance. If you can attract them, you can attract more like them. You’re going to use the video you create with a small audience to attract a bigger audience.

3. Video is King

With the video you create during your next workshop, seminar, mixer, conference or whatever you’ll be calling yours, you’ll be armed with the content you need to stay active and current on social media. But it starts with having quality video. When it’s done the right way, with a real camera and good audio, you can cut the video up in many ways. Reels is popular on Instagram. Why not cut up a 2-hour panel discussion into 20 reels? 

Don’t stop there. Portions from the video can be used for YouTube as well. You might as well start growing an audience there too.

4. Worry Less About Social Media Content

As an entrepreneur, you don’t get paid to spend time thinking of social media posts. With the video captured from your last seminar or workshop you don’t have to worry about social media. 

Imagine having a Dropbox folder full of relevant video content that you can pull from to post to any social media platform at any moment. 

5. Build Your Email List

Having better content, and in the form of video, gives you the chance to attract and build a bigger audience. With this new content, if it’s good, you can package it as a lead magnet and require potential leads to submit their email address for access. Again, if people are willing to drive to hear what you have to say at your workshop or semeniar, then there are likely plenty more out there who would give up their email address, to save them the drive, to get the info.

6. Convert Into a Course or Subscription Content

Posting the video to social media is one way use it, but depending on the value of the information, you might be able to package it into a course. High-level video content should be treated as such. And if you have paid attendees then you should be able to sell the content that comes from the event. How does $5 for full access sound? That’s one way to get a quick return on your investment.

7. Audio Can Be Uploaded to Podcast

Remember, the goal here is producing content. It doesn’t matter if the content is video,  audio, or both. But if you have both you might as well maximize your reach. Taking the audio from an event that feature speakers and subject matter experts could be great podcast audio. 

The audio can be cut up just like the video. You can create short 10 min episode featuring each speaker if you want. Just record an intro later. At Prime Time Media, we help our clients with their podcasts by uploading the audio, show notes and recording intros and outros.

Having content on the podcast channels increased your chances of being discovered by potential clients.

8. Attract Better Guests

I’ve yet to come across  a business owner or entrepreneur that was unwilling to talk about their business on video. You give another industry expert or influencer the opportunity to get in front of the camera, and give them a topic they’re passionate about, you have a recipe for great video content. When others see the video and the platform you’ve created, you won’t have to ask them to come. They’ll ask you.

9. Get Sponsorships

A lot of companies and brands are looking for great content creators to align with. If you can produce consistent content from these events, you can attract other small brands, charge vendors higher prices and maybe even get a break from the venue if you can include them in some way.

10. Get Testimonials from Attendees

The only thing better than a real testimonial is a video testimonial. Capture testimonials from guests as they leave the event.

Now, watch a video!

Anything is possible when you have video. Quality video, produced with great sound opens up more doors and ways for marketing your services as a solo entrepreneur or business owner.

If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area and want to maximize your marketing budget and build your authority, book a 15 minute call with us.