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Are Cell Phone Videos Hurting Your Brand?

Are Cell Phone Videos Hurting Your Brand?

I get it. You might it’s best to have some content than none at all. I agree with that. But is it possible that  those cell phone quality videos are hurting your brand more than they’re helping it? 

How do you want your brand to be perceived?

That’s the question. If you’re a doctor, dentist or lawyer that went through several years of studying to get to where you are, your content needs to represent that. If you’re a small, family owned business with growth potential, how do you want future customers to perceive your brand? How do you want future employees to see your brand? If you’re trying to sell a high-end course or product are you relying on cell phone quality video to sell your product?

Quality Still Matters

Don’t believe them when they say you’ll be fine with the video you recorded with your cell phone. Or that posting those cell phone videos is better than nothing. Poorly shot videos will get less views and engagement. People want to hear what’s being said without background noise. Along with that, they need to be able to see a well lit subject. And most of all, a grainy video is not going to sell units.

Cell Phone Pros

Of course, cell phones have their benefits:

  • No money spent on camera- You already have the camera so you don’t need to shell out more money on a new or used camera
  • It’s so easy- You can hand your phone to your grandma or your kid and they’d know how to hit the button to record. Anyone can use these and you don’t have to watch hours of YouTube tutorial to get started.
  • Decent quality- Under the right conditions (lighting and sound) you can get some decent quality footage from a camera phone. The Apple iPhone is marketed as  the best camera phones.

Cell Phone Cons

And there are the negatives:

  • Storage- You have to store all of that footage somewhere to be edited later. Do you have enough space with all of your family videos, photos and apps on your phone?
  • Zoom and dynamic shots- To get zooming shots and have control of focus you’ll still need special lens. Your lens options may be limited with cell phones or require the use of adaptors. All of these require more money being spent.
  • Customer Vantage Point- Using your cell phone to capture your social media content always shows your business from YOUR vantage point. Your customers will connect better with content that is more authentic and isn’t just captured from the owner’s perspective. They need to see what they would see if they were an actual customer.

How to get videos that build your brand

There is no easy way to say this,  but if you want quality videos representing your brand you’re going to have invest money. Not into an app, a video editing program or lighting. You’re going to want to bring in the professionals.

A local video production company, such as Prime Time Media, could help you produce better quality videos. And not only better quality. You might also get more videos from a professional video production company. Prime Time Media ahs adapted to the changing landscape of videography and build a business that provided consistent video content to small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.