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The Role of a Video Podcast Producer

This is How We Do It

This is our first shoot for 2022 and we’re making it a good one. Our goal at PT Media this year is making the client experience better. From beginning to end. We want to be seen as more than a videographer, but more like a video production company that provides solutions for our clients. In this case, we’re filming a few podcast episodes for a client we’ve worked with previously. 

We took it a step further this time with our behind the scenes footage. We hope you enjoy.

What is Podcast Production?

Podcast production can be as simple as recording and editing the audio. Or it can go as far as filming the entire show. Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the last few years and having just the audio doesn’t do much to help a show stand out. 

However, if you film your episodes, the quality looks good and you’re posting to YouTube regularly, you have more opportunities to grow your podcast. YouTube opens up an entirely new marketing channel and helps you get noticed by more people.


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Video Equipment

This shoot called for a two cameras. Our cameras of choice are the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. We had one camera with a wider lens to capture all three subjects. This camera was unmanned and stationary.

The other camera was manned and offered a tighter view of the individuals as they spoke. This helps break of the monotony of having just one basic shot. It also adds production value.

Audio Equipment

Since this is a podcast audio is important. We didn’t use the traditional podcast setup of having each person have a clearly visible microphone positioned near them. We went wireless. The two guests were wearing wireless mics. These mics are the Rode Wireless Go 2.

The host had the best microphone, which was a Rode NTG4+. This microphone was positioned above her head.

Post Production

The most time consuming part of any video project is the editing. We went into this project knowing that. So to reduce the time we spend in post production editing this podcast and to be able to deliver the project to the client we needed a solution.

The solution was to record during shooting. We used the YoloBox Pro to record the video from the multiple cameras into one video. This saved close to three hours in post production. These three hours would’ve been spent on the visuals alone. 

After a couple of hours of syncing the audio from the different sources the episodes are ready to deliver to the client. From this two hour filming session we were able to deliver four edited podcast episodes to our client.

Need a videographer for your podcast?

It all starts with a phone call. PT Media is available to help not only with filming your podcast, but we want to help you with distribution. This means helping you upload episodes or cutting up the episodes for social media posts. Either way, we want to get this content in front of as many people as possible.

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