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You have a long day ahead of you, so let’s get ready. Filming a video podcast is a lot of work, but it’s well worth it. You’ve found a great podcast producer with a proven track record and they’re going to guide you through it. To make sure you are well prepared, we’ve created a checklist for a productive day on the set filming a video podcast.

Prepare Your Questions in Advance

Should you prepare your questions for your guest in advance. Some do it. Some don’t. It’s completely up to you. But look at it this way; they’re a guest on your podcast for a reason. They have information that your audience will benefit from. Not only does your guest know this, but it’s highly likely that they are looking forward to being a a guest on your video podcast. They are going to benefit as well. 

By preparing questions in advance for your guest, you’ll be doing them and your audience a favor. You’ll be extracting as much relevant information for your audience as possible and you’ll be spotlighting your guest. This will help you earn the trust of your audience.

It’s okay to have cue cards with questions. Take it a step further and get them branded.

Use branded cue cards with prepared questions for your guest.
Use branded cue cards with prepared questions for your guest.

Schedule Your Podcast Guests Appropriately

A full day of filming a video podcast could mean many guests coming and going. Which means there will be people running late. If you’re in a major city, traffic will always be an issue. Another issue you may run into is conversations running longer than expected. To ensure that these events don’t get you too far off schedule you should plan the day with an hour or so of time in between each episode. Your producer may be tasked with keeping up with the schedule and making contact with your guests to guide them to the appropriate location. 

Secure a Good Location for Filming Your Podcast

The location necessary for filming a video podcast is no different that filming anything else. However, there are some things you should consider. Having an elaborate backdrop is not going to make or break your video podcast. Remember, this is more so about the content.   We’ve filmed podcasts in empty rooms within co-working spaces as well as sets with a full wall of monitors displaying our client’s logo.

What matters more is that the location is private, temperature controlled and we’re able to block off all outside light. While a good podcast production crew will have the appropriate lighting for the project they may not be able to control foot traffic if the location is not private.

You may also want to avoid a location near noisy highways or airports, for obvious reasons. Your current office is always an option. Peerspace is a great resource for various types of locations.

Filming a video podcast in Atlanta

Bring a Change of Clothes for Each Episode

Step your wardrobe up. Filming a video podcast means hours of content being produced in a single day. Every episode you film will require a change of clothes. The last thing you want to do is release a bunch of content with you wearing the same outfit in all of it. You are less likely to share content with multiple guests if you’re wearing the same outfit. So along with scheduling your guests appropriately, you’ll want to give yourself time to change clothes.

While you’re at it, keep it simple. Avoid anything to flashy. Also, consider your backdrop. You don’t want to blend in with your backdrop.

Have Refreshments On Hand

Lastly, but certainly not least, have food or refreshments on hand. Everyone is going to need to eat. Everyone from you and your team, your guests, and the production crew. The last thing you want to do is try to fight through hunger when you still have two more episodes to film and your guests are running late.

You can get the food catered or pick up snack trays from the grocery store. Bottled water is a necessity and everyone loves fruit. This is another area where you’ll want to keep it simple. Your guests will appreciate the refreshments. Maybe not before they finish their segment, but certainly afterwards.

You Need a Team

Filming multiple episodes of a video podcast can be a lot of work. It helps to have a team. Your team might include your business associates, assistants or hired hands.  Your team should definitely include a video podcast producer. Don’t hire a music video producer or wedding video producer. They may not be equipped to handle your project.

A good podcast producer will know the process and be able to guide you through it. Contact us today to learn more about our process.

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