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Employee Training Videos

When most companies or businesses enlist the help of a video production company, it is more commonly done with a goal of bringing in new customers. It might be with demonstration videos, addressing frequently asked questions or simple commercials. While these are great for bringing in new customers and revenue along with them, having employee training videos are a great investment for your business. A one-time investment in employee training videos can save lots of time and money for years to come.

Company Culture

Most people can recall going to work for a big company and going through their orientation process. The first day on the job is spent filling out paper work, going over company policies and watching those videos that explain the company culture. These videos are effective in delivering a message and making you feel like you’ve made a good decision in joining the company. 

Your business can have these too. The same way these videos made you feel your first day on the job is the way you can make your employees feel. And the good news is, video production isn’t as costly as it was ten years ago. You can have professionally made employee training videos produced for your business for a low cost.

Employee Safety Training Videos

The most important topic on the the first day, for any business, is safety. Bad safety practices can lead to workplace injuries, which can be very costly. No company wants to pay worker’s comp.

Having safety videos can get to be pretty extensive depending on the industry. Warehouse type jobs might have various safety videos around ladders, forklifts or lifting techniques. For some workplaces, these safety videos could address simples issues around housekeeping and the process of reporting incidents. Either way, safety videos are a must for your business. It also helps to inform your employees of OSHA requirements

employee safety training videos

Workflow Productivity

These videos are used to detail proven workflow processes or maintain a company-wide standard to minimize costs. For any business to grow every employee has to be on the same page. Processes have to be in place. Employee training videos offer a low-cost alternative to hiring a training staff. These video help eliminate those salary and travel costs while getting everyone on the same page.

For example, FedEx doesn’t just allow their package handlers to load their freight any way they want. There is a company standard for loading freight to ensure they are getting an many packages as possible loaded onto a single trailer. This helps reduce the amount of drivers needed to haul the freight, the fuel costs and reduces possible damages with a tightly loaded trailer.

detail workflow processes with employee training videos

Benefits of Employee Training Videos

Regardless of the industry, every business needs well trained employees, who are working safely and productively, to grow. These videos can be:

  • produced one time at a low-cost
  •  seen company-wide (especially now with YouTube)
  • made simple for small and large businesses

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