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Fire Your Social Media Manager and Hire a Videographer

Why you should fire your social media manager

This is not a diss to social media managers out there when we say “fire your social media manager”. We respect the job and everything that comes with it. But it’s 2022 and if social media is still your primary marketing channel then you might have a few problems.

Managing the social media account of a business is a lot of work. You have to find, and often create, the content to post. You then have to come up with captions that grab viewers’ attention. You have to hope they click. And finally, you have to monitor the results.

That’s a lot and social media and its algorithms are too unpredictable to pay someone to do that for you. And because of unpredictability it’s become increasingly harder to grow followings. For this reason you need to fire your social media manager. 


Why we offer social media management

Sounds crazy, right? 

I was just telling you to fire your social media manager, and now I’m telling you that we offer social media management.

Hear me out.

The biggest reason why you need to fire your social media manager is simple: video. Unless they’re able to help you plan as well as produce quality video content, you might be wasting your money.

Video is the number one marketing tool for successful businesses in 2022. It’s not just about having video for social media, but videos for internal use, such as training or onboarding videos, will also be necessary at some point.

Is your social media manger also managing your YouTube channel? Or a better question would be, do you have a YouTube channel for your business? Having searchable content on YouTube increases the chances of your business being discovered off of social media, by a more powerful and reliable source…Google. YouTube also provides analytics that social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook don’t offer. The platform also gives you insight on what people were searching for when they landed on your video. If you know how people are finding you, it’s easier to market to them.

So yes, we do offer social media management, but it’s mostly because our clients either don’t have time or simply don’t want to worry about getting their content published.

What About Your Podcast?

Your social media management should be ready to tackle the task of getting all of your content distributed. And not just to the social channels. 

As a matter of fact, I think this person should be referred to as your content manager. If you have a podcast, they should be handling a that content and getting it published, with all necessary show notes and artwork. If you’re building an email list, your content manager should be able to get your content there.

Social media platforms are more geared toward video

The CEO of Instagram recently announced that the platform was going to be focusing on being a video platform. TikTok is already huge and video only. Facebook is always there. The social media algorithms love video. Why? Video keeps people on their platforms where they can continue to run ads to them and make money.  So even if you were heavily reliant on social media for marketing your business you still need video.

Why aren’t they watching your videos?

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