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Good Results With Video Marketing Requires a Strategy

Also, I’ve experienced quite a few similarities when it comes to training clients in my previous fitness business to what I do now with helping my clients get good results with video marketing.

Getting results with video marketing

This doesn’t just come from producing a video, posting it to social media and hoping your followers like it. Just like I used to tell my fitness clients that their success doesn’t just mean getting to our workouts.

In fitness, my job was to help a client couldn’t get control of their nutrition. That means following through with the nutrition plans I would prescribe for them. If they couldn’t do that it was hard for them to see results. The workouts meant nothing without implementing good nutrition habits. The hardest part for most of them was always the nutrition.

In video marketing, the good results with what is done with the video content after it’s produced. The hard part is getting the video in front of the right people. That means utilizing all of their marketing platforms: their website, their email lists, their social media and running targeted ads.

Get good results with video marketing

My job as a video strategist

My job as a video strategist is to first identify my clients’ audience, where they can be reached and how we’re going to reach them. If my client hasn’t developed the means to deliver the content, I help them with that as well. I want to make sure the videos are optimized for each social media platform. So if a client doesn’t have an email list or have time to create the emails, I will do that for them. I also help them create and monitor ads for social media. My goal is to help them get a return on their invest. This is how we get good results with video marketing. Click HERE to get help with your video marketing.

It’s going to require mulitple videos

When new potential clients reach out to us about our video production services, they don’t really know what they want or need. For most of them, they want to replicate what they’ve seen on Instagram. And in most of those cases, those videos have a lot of subject matter. They are what we call “hype” videos.

We often have to encourage them to produce informational videos. These videos do more to help get good results with a video marketing campaign. And no marketing campaign is complete with just one video. There will need to be a series of videos.