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The Role of a Video Podcast Producer

Tips for Hiring a Videographer

When it comes to hiring a videographer, we have to first look at why we need one. Is this for a personal project? Is it for a wedding? Is this for video marketing for a business? For this blog post we’re going to go with the business scenario. Here are a few tips for hiring a videographer. And remember, in most cases, you get what you pay for.

Hire a business

Hiring a videographer you came across on social media is okay. Just make sure they have a website. And I say this about any business type, but people take businesses more serious when they have a website. Anyone can be anyone they want to be on social media, but it’s harder to “fake it” with a website.

A videographer that has a business will have a website that not only presents their work, but it gives you an idea of their niche. In addition to that, the website should lay out a process of getting started with them. You should be able to fill out some type of form.

We bring a video production set to you


Hire a videographer that specializes in content for businesses

There are a lot of videographers out there. Some will shoot anything. And some only shoot specific things.

If you’re hiring a videographer to help with video content for your business, you may not want the videographer that shoots weddings and music videos. Why? Becaue producing videos for businesses can require an extensive preproduction process. Lots of questions must be asked by the videographer to make sure the videos are being shot and edited for a specific purpose. 

A wedding videographer may not ask questions like, “who is your target audience?” or “what will be your call-to-action in this video?”.  Those are just a couple of examples. 

During the preproduction your videographer should also suggest options that will make your like as a business owner easier. Options such as providing a makeup artist, script writing and location scouting go a long way with video clients.

Expect to sign a contract

Hiring a videographer for your business video production is just like hiring a consultant to help with any aspect of your business: there is going to be a written agreement between both parties. Contracts protect everyone.

Some things you can expect to see in a videographer’s contract are:

  • Total cost of project and payment schedule
  • Exact date, time and location of shoot
  • Cancelation policy
  • Info regarding raw and unused footage
  • Info regarding delivery of final product