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Batch Filming Your Video Content: The Pros and Cons

What is and why batch filming?

Batch filming your video content simply means filming a bunch of videos in a single session.

You may consider batch filming if you’ve booked a videographer and/or location for a specific day and time. To make the most of the opportunity you would plan to produce as many videos as possible during this time. While this makes sense to do in lots of cases. But there are some cases where this may not be as beneficial. Here are the pros and cons of batch filming your video content.

A quick tip for batch filming is: focus on evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that can be shared anytime of the year and don’t make reference to a specific event or time.

The pros of batch filming your video content

The hard part is over. You did it! You’ve invested your two greatest assets, your time and money, into video. If properly executed, these videos will make you more money and save you more time. That also means you won’t need a video production company or videographer for a while.

Since you’ve done the hard work and have a little more time on your hands, you can get more time by scheduling the posts to go live. There are plenty of applications such as Hootsuite that allow you to schedule your content to post at a later date. Even Facebook now allows for posts to scheduled for the future.

batch filming your video content

The cons

If the videos produced during the filming will be for internal use such as training videos or orientation videos, these won’t be a problem. But for content that will be used for social media, there could be a couple of issues.

One of the issues is staying current. If you’re in an industry where your content needs to related to current events, batch filming may be a problem. For example, an attorney who likes to address issues around news headlines or court rulings, may not benefit from this. They may see better results with a retainer agreement with a videographer to produce the content on a monthly basis. A company with a product line will benefit greatly from batch filming. They can produce “how-to” videos that can be posted and share all year round.

The other con to batch filming your video content is the inability to alter your content strategy. Once you’ve filmed and edited the videos a certain way there’s no going back. And after posting a couple of videos you may find that videos of a certain format or edited certain way don’t get the same type of engagement that other videos do.