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Questions You Might Have About Hiring a Social Media Manager


Since we’ve announced that we will be providing social media management as a service, we’ve gotten a few questions. I want to address three of those questions about hiring a social media manager right here. 

PT Media is a video production company. We specialize in creating content for businesses and brands and helping them to elevate and outshine the competition. Video first, which means all of our solutions are driven by video. More than 90% of the stuff we produce for our clients is video. Here are three questions that we we’ve gotten most recently that we’ve announced social media management.

What does social media management entail?


It’s different for every social media management company, but to break the answer to this up into three parts. So what it means first is developing a strategy. Our team, your team develop a strategy. This strategy can be as broad as brand awareness. You just want to grow your followers. Or it can be as specific as we want to get people to purchase this course or we want to build our email lists, we want to drive traffic to this website and all this is stuff that can be measured, which is what we prefer. We want strategies that when we look back at it and do our reports, we want to be able to measure results. ROI for marketing should be measurable.

The second part of what this entails is actually creating the content. As mentioned before,  taking a video first approach, creating the content for this strategy and actually getting it posted. And the third thing is engagement.

Fire your social media manager

Can I still post my own content if I have a social media manager?

You can. Hiring a social media manager doesn’t mean you have less control. It means you have more time. 

It’s your social media. It’s your business. I can understand how if social media has been your primary thing and you’ve been handling all of that, how it may be hard to break away from it. It may be hard let someone else handle it. So I certainly understand that. And I certainly encourage people to post when they want, especially if they are presented with good opportunities for content. 

But remember, the ultimate goal here is have a hands off solution for you. We want you to be as hands off as you can possibly be so you can go concentrate on a higher level task. Because  you as the business owner, as a solo entrepreneur, don’t get paid for the time it takes you to create content and post it. We want you spend your time doing the tasks that only YOU can do in your business.

Will I get to approve the content before it’s posted?

You certainly will be able to approve the content before we get it posted. We present it to you to to allow you and your team to review it to make sure is accurate, and then is bombs away. We start posting this stuff and we’re at it. Ultimately, though, the goal is to get to a point where you trust that we are only going to post the stuff that makes you your company, your brand look good.

Trust that we understand the strategy and we are working towards that strategy even when you’re not thinking about it. So that’s the ultimate goal. So can you approve it? Will you have the opportunity to prove it? Absolutely. But remember, we want to make sure you’re not worried about it. And we’ll get there.

So how does this all get started? You can start by booking a 15 minute call with our project manager.