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What a Retainer Package with a Videographer Looks Like

What’s included in the retainer package?

We should start by saying, all retainer packages are different. They’re customized to the needs and goals of each business. This one is for a home improvement business here in Charlotte. Their retainer package with a videographer includes:

  • one new YouTube video per month
  • 2 monthly visits
  • YouTube channel management
  • Social media management

New YouTube Video

Since the client has no YouTube channel and wants more leads for their business, I though this would be a good place to start. In this retainer package I would help produce one YouTube video per month. I would research the topic, get the script written, shoot and edit the video and make sure it gets uploaded to YouTube. Most freelance videographers don’t offer this, so we make this a focal part of our services at Podcast Titans Media.

Your videos could be different though. 

You might want our retainer services to work on your video podcast instead. With a video podcast you can still build a YouTube channel with the segments from your podcast, but we also have the audio to upload to your podcast host. Our podcast production includes all of this as well as developing a concept for your podcast.


2 Monthly Visits with a videographer

To help bolster the client’s social media presence with the option to turn some of this content into YouTube videos, we will visit the client twice a month. We felt that this would be best due to the variety projects they may have with their home improvement business. 

During these visits we will capture content in the form of video and photo. These elements combined with the client’s logo and brand colors will help get them established on social media. We can create videos that can repurposed across multiple platforms. Our editors can create vertical videos that can be shared as Reels on Instagram and Facebook, or as TikToks. 

Retainer packages offer team building opportunities

One hidden benefit to working with a videographer on a retainer is the team building opportunities. By this we mean, getting other members of the team involved in the creation process be another way of getting them excited about their jobs and the company overall.

Imagine setting aside half a day each month for “content day”. This will be time the entire team gets together to make it easier to capture all of the content needed for a month. Not only that, but having the team together for, what should be a good time, will be a moral boost and allow them to become more acquainted with one another.

Got a new team member? The new team member can meet the rest of the team and take their professional headshot for the company website.

Social Media Management

With our retainer packages we now offer social media management. We understand the challenge most of our clients have once the content is delivered. The task of getting the video content posted to the appropriate channels may not be something they wish to take on.

In this case, client has also asked for help in posting this content. So everything we shoot we’ll edit and post to the client’s social media platforms. Of course they’ll still be able to post content whenever they’d like, but between the YouTube video we’ll produce every month and the two monthly visits we’ll probably have enough content to where the client won’t feel the need to post any of their cell phone content to their social media.

Every retainer package with a videographer

There are lots of factors to determine not only what type of content is needed, but also how often is it needed. This is why we always assess each client’s needs and customize our packages to meet them. Every business has it’s own issues and there are levels to those issues.

Video goes a long way with helping to resolve some of those issues. Get started with PT Media today!