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Tips for Success with a Video Podcast for Your Business

If you’ve decided that a video podcast is the best way to grow your audience and build authority, then you’ve made the right decision. But your success with this will depend on a few things. Here are a few of them.
our video podcast production team travels
Our team in action on a 3-camera podcast production. We capture audio and video with professional equipment and we can travel with it.

Have a Plan for Your Video Podcast

It all starts with a plan. You’re not going to call random people to come talk about random topics, are you? No. You want your video podcast to be an effective marketing tool for you. That requires a plan. You can download the PT Media Podcast Planner to start planning for your podcast. Some things you’ll need to know:

  • Why are you doing this podcast?
  • What topics are important for your audience?
  • Why should people care about my products or services
  • Who would make great guests.

Another good thing to plan for is how long you plan to invest in a video podcast. Is it going to be an ongoing thing, or a limited series. Your marketing strategy may only call for shooting just a few episodes. That may be all you need to send your business in a different direction.

Our video Podcast planner will help you plan your video podcast
Download this free PDF to start planning for success with your video podcast

Get Your Video Podcast Produced Professionally

Can you pull out your phone to record your video podcast? Yes

Can you hire any videographer with a camera? Yes

Can you hire professional to  help you create a marketing tool that sets you apart from your competition? Yes

What’s the best way to go? It really just depends on how much you’re willing, and able, to invest. I always advise getting professionals to help you market your business. Success with your video podcast could very well depend on its production value. There the video component. Additionally, you have the audio component as well. Do you really want to worry about all of that yourself?

At PT Media we offer a complete solution to video podcast production.

Hiring professionals could also mean a more productive recording session. I always encourage our clients to film multiple episodes in one session. If that means changing clothes to have a different look, bring a change of clothes.

In-Person Guests Are Always Best for Your Video Podcast

having in-person guests for your video podcast production
The success of your video podcast could depend on your guests. Having in-person guests will ensure better quality.

One major tip for success with your video podcast is to have guests. And have these guests join you in-person.

Why should you have guests? 

The right guests add credibility and help you build your authority. Anyone with a phone can record a video. However, when you have a credible guest that can speak to your greatness and ability to solve problems, you can make greater impact.

Along with having guests, as someone who has produced video podcasts with virtual and in-person guests, I always advise having your guest join you in-person. Remember, the success of your video podcast could depend on the quality and production value. And the only way to truly control the quality is to have in-person guests. 

With virtual guests, you don’t know the quality of their internet connection or equipment. Bad equipment on their end will negatively affect the overall quality of your video podcast. 

Have a Social Media Strategy in Mind for Your Video Podcast

This social media strategy should also include a strategy for releasing your podcast audio. For example, will you release the episodes weekly or will you release them all at once. Releasing them all at once might be a better option. This allows your content to start working for and attracting a new audience sooner rather than later. This gives your audience a chance to binge on your content.

That’s the audio. That leaves us with the video. And having this video opens up more options for promoting your business and your podcast. Social media clips can drive traffic towards your podcast or YouTube channel,  which is also working to drive traffic to both your podcast and website. The Instagram Reels or Tiktoks you have, the more you can promote.

Location Matters

Of course whenever you’re talking about any video, including a video podcast, you have to consider location. Where is this video going to be shot? What type of location gives you the look you want? 

The best option, in most cases, will be the very office you and your team work from. What better way to let your audience in on who you are and what you do than to actually let them see you where do your work.

Don’t have an office? You always rent space. Services such as Peerspace offer lots of options for filming and photography.