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Filming Your Video Podcast

Now that you’re set to film a series of episodes for your video podcast, there are a few things you’ll want to be aware of. You’ll want to know the best way to film and release your video podcast. Having that much content on hand can work against you if you’re not careful with it.

The cost of video podcast production can be a big investment for your business. Big enough to where you’ll obviously want to maximize on it. To do this you’ll want to get as much content filmed as possible in a single day. 

Why should you aim to film multiple episodes of your podcast in a single day?

Because of the simple fact that the cost of having even a small crew increases with each day of filming. And most video production companies are paid by the hour. So you can’t just have them come for 2 hours to film one episode. They’ll likely charge for a full day of filming. So it makes sense to get as much done is a single day.

The amount you’re able to film will depend on the desired length of your episodes and guest scheduling. So obviously, having longer episodes of an hour or longer will mean you won’t be able to get in as many episodes as you would if they were only 30 minutes or less in length. If this is a branding podcast, or a podcast that’s created for marketing your business, you probably want to keep episodes at 45 minutes or less.

Shoot Day

The day of production is probably the most hectic for the client. Especially if it’s their first time. And there are 2 big concerns for them: the guests arriving on time and wardrobe. 

When scheduling your guests, you may also want to create a little buffer window for guests who may run behind schedule. This also helps in the case that episodes run over the planned time. It happens. It also helps to have clear instructions for the guest so that if they arrive early they’re not interrupting production. Having have a  producer, or production assistant, who knows the schedule and can direct people upon arrival can eliminate this problem.

Now, what to wear.

Don’t make wardrobe harder than it has to be. Keep it simple. Wear dark solids. Avoid clothing with lines or patterned designs. This can be distracting. Remember, people are watching and listening to what you have to say. Unless you’re a fashion designer, it’s best to keep this simple. But, just in case, bring an extra outfit.

A recent filming of a video podcast in Atlanta for Rich Girls HQ.

Releasing your Video Podcast

How you release your video podcast is going to be up to you. But I do have a suggestion for branding podcasts.

Unlike entertainment podcasts, or podcasts with content that is reliant on trending topics, branding podcasts don’t have to have weekly releases. In fact, I recommend all of the content is released ASAP!

Why release it all?

Well, you want this content to start working for you and driving business your way. Do you really want to wait an entire month to release the episode where you have a client giving a great testimonial? My guess is probably not. You’ll want to make it available for consumption right away.

Managing the video component and all of the associated social media content can be a lot when you’re trying to release episodes week over week. Getting all of that content posted to social media can be a tall task. Releasing all of the podcast audio ASAP allows you to be less rigid with releasing your social media content. You can have more fun and mix things up with your marketing.

The biggest benefit of batch filming and releasing your content just might be allowing your audience to binge on your content. Think about how we consume content on Netflix, Hulu and the other streaming platforms. When we find a show or series that we like, we binge watch it. You become a fan, of not just the show, but in some cases the actors as well. 

The whole goal behind creating this video podcast is being able to build that “know, like and trust” relationship with your audience. You want them to become fans of you and your brand. Fans are likely to share your info and buy from you. If you can give them the opportunity to binge on your content, you have a chance of converting them into a fan.

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