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The Role of a Video Podcast Producer

It’s hard to define the true role of a podcast producer. Some only deal with audio, while some offer video and audio production. Some will only help you with production, while some will help you develop, produce and distribute your content. Here are some of roles we take on as video podcast producers here at PT Media.
In 2023, with the popularity of podcasts continuing to grow, simply having a podcast won’t be enough. Having a video podcast will increase your podcast downloads, provide you with the content you need for any social channel and get you a greater return on your investment. But this can’t happen without a video podcast producer on your team.
our team travels to you to produce your video podcast
Our team in action, filming a podcast

Your podcast producer should help you disover your "why"

By far, the most important role of a podcast producer is to help you discover your “why” for starting a podcast. This won’t be hard for someone using their podcast to grow a coaching or consulting business. The hard part comes with determining your audience and how your podcast will be different.

There may literally thousands of other podcasts out there battling for the same, or similar, audience as you. How will yours be different? How specific will it be? Do you have a niche?

Find the right guests

Finding great guests to join you on your video podcast is the best way to grow your audience and build your authority. The better the guest, the better the growth opportunity. Your podcast producer might be in charge of helping you find and book these guests. 

These guests must offer value to your audience. They can’t just be anyone with a great following.

If you’re using your video podcast as a marketing tool for your coaching or consulting business, it might be a good idea to have other consultant or coaches as guests. These guests can have the same or a similar niche as you. Past clients also make great guests. That is, if they’re willing to be in a video with you. 

The great thing about video is most people won’t turn down the opportunity to be a part of a well produced video podcast.

video podcast for fashion industry expert
We can turn your office into a podcast studio

Produce high-quality video

Since we are talking about a video podcast, one of the obvious roles of your podcast producer is to ensure great quality in your production. Introducing a video component means a greater investment is being made and this shouldn’t be left up to a make shift-production team. One of the things we pride ourselves on is providing great video production. So for us, filming and producing podcasts is right up our alley.

The producer’s job is to make sure the right team is hired to bring a professional and polished look and sound. The better the production is on the front end, the faster the turnaround. Also, more options become available with marketing the podcast.

Marketing your video podcast

The top 3 ways of growing your podcast are:

  • Direct call-to-action during the episode
  • Guest appearance on other podcasts.
  • Having sharable content.

Another role your podcast producer may have is creating and distributing the marketing. Again, something we do at PT Media.

In most cases, the business owner won’t have time to distribute all of the content that can be curated from just one episode of a video podcast. Some of that content might include:

  • the actual podcast audio
  • full video episode
  • video segments
  • social media clips

If you’re running a coaching or consulting business, having to deal with all of this content could mean none of it gets dealt with.

Get a return on your investment

At the very least, you are your sponsor. And for a while, you will be your only sponsor. But having outside sponsorship will really help you maximize on your investment. We’re talking a whole new stream of revenue. Getting this revenue, however, will require some effort. This can easily be one of the roles of your podcast producer. And since you have the video component, you have increased potential for growth through sponsorships. 

You determine the role of your podcast producer

Determining the role of your video podcast producer is ultimately going to come down to you. Factors will include:

  • how hands-off you want to be
  • how much output do you want
  • do you have a team in place to take on some of these roles
  • do you know how to get the content uploaded

If you want to be completely hands-off, our team at PT Media is here to assist.