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Top 5 Video Marketing Ideas for Your Business in 2022

These are the top 5 video marketing ideas for your business right now. When we say right now. We mean, you should already have these working for you on YouTube and your website.


Video is king. 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. (Wyzowl) 

So what are the top 5 ideas for your busienss?

Tell Your Story

This one is a no-brainer and will probably be the easiest to do. This one is simply about how the business was started, why it was started, when it was started. You’re basically answering the who, what, when, why for your business.

For a more effective video, try to tie is some emotion. People can relate to life changing events and would much rather watch that instead of hearing you say, “I got into the business because I wanted to help people.”

Help people do what?

Onboarding or Process Videos

Process videos are probably the most boring videos you will make for your business. These, along with “how-to” videos are definitely not the videos that, if posted to social media, will get a lot of likes.

We wouldn’t even recommend posting these to social media. These are what we consider internal videos. 

Onboarding, or process, videos may only be seen once someone has contacted you about our services, started the buying process or subscribed to an email list. These type videos may save you or a team member a ton of time.

Imagine not even having to talk to a new client until they’ve paid you or until they’ve walked into your business having had all of the proper documentation completed. They’ll appreciate the professionalism and you’ll appreciate the time you saved.

Video Marketing ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

You wanna eliminate the calls from people asking you the same questions over and over again? Though there might be some bigger marketing issues (if you get tons of the same questions), it’s probably best to make video content addressing those questions. Another item on the top 5 marketing ideas for your business is creating 

Pick 5 of the questions you get the most and make a video about it. From there, cut up that video into 5 shorter clips. These video clips can be used for social media posts. You can also blog about each individual question.

Customer Testimonials

Hands down, the most powerful video marketing tool any business can have is the video customer testimonial. Having Google reviews is one thing, but being able to see and hear from an actual customer is another.

Most Google reviews just don’t go far enough and a lot of them are focused on the end result and meant to make the business look great. 

A well produced video testimonial should focus on the customers problem. Simply put, the video testimonial is the customer’s story.

Explainer Video

Again, probably some of the most boring content you’ll ever create, but it is indeed content. And that’s what we’re going for.

Explainer videos may only been seen when someone is actively searching for the information. That’s one way. Another would be to send this video via email or include it in the packaging once someone orders your product.

Explainer videos should be produced for every product your business offers. Don’t assume everyone knows how to use your product. Having this type of content allows them to get the best results with your product. When they can achieve optimal results, they’ll probably buy your product again.

What’s Stopping You?

So what’s stopping you from creating this content to build relationships with your audience and convert them into customers.

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