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Video Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

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Video Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Before we get into the video marketing do’s and don’ts, let’s first begin with what video marketing actually is. The PT Media definition of video marketing is taking a “video first” approach to marketing your business. This means when looking for ways to attract new customers and clients you first think of ways to put it into video form. Rolling out a new product? Explain how it works with video. Adding a new service? Explain it’s benefits to your potential customers with video.

SEO and ranking on Google are still very effective ways to attract new customers, but video will help you make a genuine connection with them. It sometimes helps for potential customers to be able to see the people and personalities behind the brand.

Video Marketing Don’ts

There a few traps you can fall into when you venture into video marketing. Here are a few don’ts:

  • Using your phone, without a mic or lighting, to create the content. Everyone is using their phone to create videos. Nothing wrong with that, but the goal is to stand out. And people can tell when you’ve invested in the quality of your videos. If you’re going to use your phone you’ll want to make sure you invest in some decent lighting and a wireless mic to wear for better audio.
  • Focusing on social media. Two things you don’t want to do here are one, create content for Likes and two, create content for one platform. Likes don’t equate to dollars being made. And focusing all of your attention on a single platform such as Instagram, will mean you’ll only be found on that platform. Focus on answering the questions that your customers might have about your product or service. Your content might seem like “duh” to you, but it means a lot to your potential customers. And remember, there are lots of ways to be found by potential customers. Don’t focus on one.
  • Stopping after just one video. It can be frustrating. Spending time creating a video, only for it to not get the views or engagement you wanted. But you must remember that one video isn’t going to answer every question and explain your product or service. And try not to get discouraged if your video content doesn’t get the views you expect. You want it to be there when people go looking. Make sure the video is on the right platform. And not just that. Don’t forget to leverage you email list to get more attention to your new videos. And lastly, don’t stop creating.

Video Marketing Do’s

Here is what we encourage all of our clients to do.

  • Get it done professionally. As we previously mentioned, people can tell when you’ve invested in your video production. So do it right!
  • Focus on solutions for your customers. Doing it for likes might take it down the wrong path. A path that never ends and could lead to frustration. 
  • Optimize on YouTube. YouTube is way more superior than any social media platform when it comes to analytics. The platform will tell you how people came across your video. One of the best tools to have as a marketer is info on how a customer found you. If you know that, you know where to focus your attention. YouTube does that for you.

Where to start?

You can start with us here at Prime Time Media. We are ready to discuss your video marketing needs.