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5 Reasons Why You Need Video Podcast for Marketing Your Business


Videos are all the craze on social media. Podcasts are popping everywhere and it seems like everyone has one. How can you,  as a business, take advantage of these trends and utilize them to grow your brand? It’s simple. A video podcast. A video podcast offers an all-in-one marketing solution for your business.

As popular as podcasts are, they’re only growing more popular.  Buzzsprout statistics say that over one-third of Americans listen to podcasts regularly. Surprisingly, in 2022, industry experts expect to see growth.

By now we all know the power of video. Every social media platform prioritizes video content over photos. So let’s take advantage of all of this.

filming a video podcast for marketing a business

Marketing your business with the authority that comes with a podcast

So why even consider a podcast?

That’s where your audience may be. Some podcast listener demographics statistics from Convince & Convert show that 85 percent of podcast listeners attended college. Along with that, 45 percent of listeners have a household income of over $75,000 per year. 

These numbers alone make this a medium worth exploring for marketing your business. 

Some additional data shows that the largest age group of listeners is the 25 to 54 group and they use social media several times a day. What does this mean? 

This means having video for your podcast is a tool for be discovered on social media platforms. From there, you have a chance to drive traffic towards your podcast. If you factor in the searchability that the podcast platforms offer, you increase the chances of being discovered by people who are looking for the solutions you provide.

Attracting great guests for your video podcast

This will be the least of your worries. Here’s why.

If you’ve maintained your authenticity and built a good reputation for yourself, not many people will turn down the opportunity to be a guest on a video podcast. Think about it, if someone offered you the opportunity to talk about how great you and your business are on video, would you turn that down? 

Probably not.

Attracting other industry leaders is going to wonders for your video podcast. And since it is a VIDEO podcast, they will be more likely to share, retweet & post the content as well. Now you’re seen as an industry leader. Simply because you gave another expert a platform.

Video podcasts provide content for every social media channel

Here’s the fun part. The amount of valuable content that comes from a video podcast can be overwhelming. Let’s break it down.

This is a simple breakdown for repurposing your video podcast content:

  • audio from 45 minute episode uploaded to podcast channels (Apple, Spotify, Google)
  • that 45 min episode is broken down into several 5-minute segments to be uploaded to YouTube. While promoting the episode, premier a segment on YouTube everyday, for an entire week.
  • from that 45 min episode, several “Reels”, or 1-minute clips can be used. Imagine having 3 to 5 reels per day, for an entire week, to promote a single podcast episode.

With all of this, your biggest problem becomes making the time or finding someone to post this content. This is one of the best parts of having a video podcast for marketing your business.

Let your guest shine and do the heavy lifting

Inviting the right guests is key. These guests should offer up some info or have a perspective that your current audience can benefit from. With that, all you have to do is ask the right questions to get the right responses.

Your guests’ responses is your content. So you are not the one having to deliver the content. You’re simply creating the platform for your guest to be the one providing the content. This takes a lot of the pressure off of you.

A few ideas for guest for your video podcast are: 

  • current or former clients who can essentially give a video testimonial for you
  • associates/partners who might deal with another part of the business and go into detail in certain areas
  • other industry leaders who may offer the same service, but have a different niche.
  • future clients allow you to get in front of people you would like to do business with.

Your video podcast for your business will give you a ton of content

Set it and forget it.

Depending on how often plan to post or publish content, you may get months of content from a single film session. An eight hour session with 5 to 6 guests, or more, can yield enough content to where you don’t have to film again for a couple of months. You can publish your podcast audio either weekly or in batches while continuing to release the video content. For example, a podcast episode that was published 2 months ago can get new life when a video snippet is posted to social media. Subsequently, your video podcast is offering both long term and short term marketing for your business.

video and podcast production for marketing businesses and brands

Prime Time Media helps you market your business with a video podcast

Not only are we here to film your podcast, we’re here to help you plan it, book your guests, edit your podcast and publish the content. We offer full-service video podcast production.