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Video Should Be Your Primary Marketing Tool in 2022

The easy answer: videos get more engagement than any other form of content. Simply having a video on your website could have significant impact on your conversion rate. 

But videos are just great for external use. They’re also great for internal use such as patient/client onboarding videos or employee training videos. 

Having videos gives you the opportunity to systematize your business.  This can require a lot of work though. Having a video production company on a retainer may be the best option for getting the video content produced. 

How to make video your primary marketing tool

The best way to commit to making video the primary marketing tool for your business is to invest in it. But not just by hiring a videographer to shoot a promo for you. Invest in it by hiring a video production company that can work on a retainer. Having a video producer on retainer will give you the ability to explore video content for both external and internal use for  your business. Plus, they will provide more consistency for your brand.

Can’t I just use my phone?

There is no denying how far camera phones have come over the last few years. The iPhone 13 are probably the best on the market right now. And while they offer great quality, it’s only if you know how to properly light a room for the video. Lighting and sound are often overlooked or neglected with amateur video. 

Most of the time, people can tell when a video is recorded with a sell phone. That’s why it’s best to get your videos done by a professional. Your videos will be more engaging and your brand will stand out.  These videos are representing your brand.