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The Branding Video Intensive Program

What is a video branding intensive?

A video branding intensive serves as the alternative to video retainers. As opposed to having video content created on a monthly basis, the content is created in one day. With our Branding Video Intensive Program, our goal is to create months of video and photo content in one day. Content for:

  • social media
  • websites
  • email
  • profile pictures
  • internal content (training/onboarding videos)
  • print media

Who is a video intensive for?

The Branding Video Intensive Program (V.I.P.) was created to help businesses, large and small, as well as solo entrepreneurs create video content in ways that allow for easy distribution through any marketing channel. Who needs video? Anyone trying to earn revenue from a product or service should have video.

For Solo Entrepreneurs 

Coaches, consultants, realtors, entertainers and lawyers are a few of the types of industry professionals that can get great value from a well planned video intensive. They would have all of the content they need to not only attract new clients, but also content necessary to guide these prospects through a sales process.

For Businesses

The Branding V.I.P. travels. For businesses that means staff, or anyone with an important role in the production of the videos, won’t have to spend too much time away from their duties. Imagine having updated headshots for the entire office.

Create all of your content in a day

The work is in the planning

While the actual filming session will take place over the course of a day, the real work is being done in the weeks before then.  This is important because to fully execute on the day of filming preproduction has to be thorough. Biweekly (twice a week) zoom calls between the client and the project manager help ensure that preproduction process is going smoothly and on schedule. 

  • For some, this means make sure the video topics and scripts are being mapped out, completed and delivered to the production crew. Script writing will be an option for clients who want to have this done for them. 
  • Also important during this part of the program is determining not just how the content will be distributed, but who will be doing this. What platforms will this content be featured on and will the client need help with getting the content posted?
  • Wardrobe will be important for a video intensive. Depending on the type and quantity of video content several wardrobe changes may be necessary. Part of the planning comes down to what outfits will be worn for which videos.
PT Media is a video production team

Filming Day

Filming day, while a tightly run operation that begins as early as 7 am for some clients, is meant to be fun and productive. Client should be able to enjoy the investment they’ve made in a video intensive. It includes:

  • Make-up: a makeup artist will make sure the client is camera ready
  • Breakfast: The client will be served a breakfast of their liking to get them off to a good start.
  • Photos: Once the client is in their first outfit it’s time for a short photoshoot in the outfit. These photos will be taken with a white backdrop and throughout the location.
  • Filming: After photos it’s time to start shooting the videos. No big deal, right? Since this has already been mapped out, the client is at ease in knowing that they don’t have to remember or rehearse anything and that they look their best.

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