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4 Reasons Why Your Last Video Didn’t Work

At PT Media, the way we determine if a video “works” or not is if does one or both of these for our clients: makes money, saves time. That’s it. And we feel that should be the goal for any business owner that invests in having videographer to produce their videos.

Not all videos “work” though. If not done properly a video can fail to hit it’s mark. When that happens it could deter business owners from trying video again. And that’s sad because video marketing is the number one online marketing tool in 2022. Here are 4 possible reasons why your last video didn’t work. 

You only did one video

Have you recently made a video for a marketing campaign and didn’t get the results you wanted? How many videos were a part of that campaign? If you said “one”, that’s probably why your last video didn’t work. Most customer journeys will involve more than one click to get them to buy. Depending on your product or service it may take several videos to get them through the sales funnel. And each of those videos should serve a specific purpose. So the next time you hire a videographer to film your videos, make sure you’re making the most of it and getting multiple videos shot. And it may not be that your last video didn’t work. Maybe it did work, but you didn’t have anything to support it and prospects didn’t know how to take the next step.

You made the video for more likes

This right here just might be the number one killer of any hopes and dreams you may have had for your last video. You wanted to do something “big” on social media. You wanted the like and follows. We’ve all been there. But social media can’t be only place you share your videos. Try uploading your content to a YouTube channel. Remember, the goal is to have your video seen by as many likely customers as possible. And that’s not going to happen if you’re relying solely on social media. Despite what you might think, not everyone in on social media. Along with that, everyone doesn’t use it everyday. Heck, lot of your followers might not even see your video.

Hire a videographer that can proved a full-service experience: helping you plan, produce and post the content. That’s something we’re always looking to provide here at PT Media for our videography clients.

Why your last video didn't work 4 reasons

Your last video didn’t work because it lacked quality

Phone cameras are more advanced now. So you may be tempted to try to save money, avoid hiring a videographer and just do it yourself. It can be pulled off. And yes, you could invest in lighting and microphones. But should you?

If it’s not done right the video you produce with your phone, or any video done poorly for that matter, could hurt your brand more than it helps. Bad quality could be the reason your last video didn’t work. If viewers can’t see you because the lighting is bad or can make out what you’re saying because the audio sucks, they won’t even stick around to watch the entire video. So forget what you’re trying to sell. 

You weren’t talking to your audience

One of the easiest thing to mess up on not only just speaking directly to your audience, but not making it clear in the beginning of the video. The first few seconds should tell your viewer if the video is meant for them or not. If the content if meant for them, but you didn’t make it clear in the first few seconds they may lose interest.

Another thing with this is make sure you’re speaking the language of your audience. Use terminology they use and keep it simple. Otherwise you risk alienating them. 

How to make sure your videos hit the mark

Here are our recommendations for making sure your next videos don’t miss the mark:

  • Have a plan. Don’t wing it. Write a script for each video and think about the customer journey.
  • Hire a videographer. A professional in this area will reduce the stress on your end.
  • Connect with your audience on various platforms. Remember, social media isn’t the only place to reach your potential customers.
  • Give us a call a PT Media.